Saturday, August 9, 2008

Justin Black & The Light - Claremont Village

Justin Black & The Light is an alternative rock band that says they are from Southern California and Seattle. Here is a little clip from their performance the other night.


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Nick said...

Sweet blog, m'lady. Keep the clips of alt and indie and good music coming. Can always use new influences.


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The RIpple Effect said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by our blog, The Ripple Effect. Bill Bondsmen are definitely worth checking out if your a fan of modern hardcore, full of spit and venom and some good chops.

Great blog you have here. As it turns out, I'm a grad of Pomona College and pop down there quite a bit. Great to see the pics of Claremont Village. I spent many, many afternoons there, primarily at the Rhino Records store.

Let's exchange links and together spread the word on good music.


Todd (Racer)
The Ripple Effect

a.b.y / ヨッシー said...

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Heff said...

Wassup ?!?!

Heff said...

Do all musicians claim to be from Seattle now ?

Kraak said...

Thanks 4 stopping by my blog. Indie music is always a good opportunity to change some minds all over the world! :)

Cheers... and greetings from Lisbon (PT)


cool music and blog not the best comment but that's how I feel of it